Natural Ways to Treat Snoring

Snoring is very common for millions of people. While mild snoring isn’t an issue, it can be a problem if it happens frequently at night. Luckily, a sleep specialist can help. These experts can determine if you have a sleep condition that causes snoring.

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While visiting a sleep specialist for a serious snoring problem is encouraged, sometimes mild snoring can be treated at home.

Take a look at four common ways to treat snoring naturally:

Sleep Long Enough

People often overlook this. Not getting enough sleep at night can cause your throat muscles to relax, leading to snoring. Snoring can also make you sleep-deprived because it often interrupts sleep. Aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to limit the chance of snoring.

Sleep On Your Side

Sleeping on your back can make you more prone to snoring issues. This sleeping position can sometimes cause your tongue to partially block airflow in your throat. Sleeping on your side may lead to improvements.

Try Nasal Strips or a Nasal Dilator

Nasal strips and nasal dilators help many people with their sleep. Nasal strips attach to the bridge of the nose and lift up the nostrils, increasing airflow. Nasal dilators are devices that are internally placed into your nose to boost airflow and reduce snoring.

Limit Alcohol and Sedatives Before Bed

Alcohol use relaxes your throat muscles, so try to avoid having it within three hours of your bedtime. The same goes for sedatives, which can also increase the chances of snoring.

If snoring is disrupting your sleep, try these options. If you’re still struggling, contact The Snooze Doc to work with the top sleep specialist in Mission Viejo, CA!

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